Sisters Daughter

A few months ago i was at my sister's for a house warming party. Was about 15 or so people celebrating the night away. My niece and one of her friends were also there.
My sister was letting them drink, even though really they are too young at only 15. I will say my niece is a beautiful girl though.
Anyway, all but maybe 4 or 5 people had left and it was now about 2 am. I went in to go top up my drink and i saw my niece's friend asleep on the lounge. I walked down the hall and my niece was out on top of her bed. She was on her back, legs slightly spread and i could see her pink panties up her skirt.
I went into her room and started rubbing myself though my pants. I got bold and gently gave her a few shakes and tried to wake her. She didn't stir at all. I lifted her skirt up onto her tummy and started rubbing myself again at the sight of her tight panties covering her p****.
I should have stopped, but i got so close rubbing i just went for it. I dropped my pants and stepped out of them. I gently slid my niece down her bed till her waist was at the edge of the bed. I pumped myself until i was about to blow. I was going to just do it all over her panties, but this was a once off i'm sure. I gently spread her legs wider and pulled her panties gusset open. I put my head against her tiny slit and rubbed myself hard. I blew so hard, i didn't mean too, but i pushed head maybe 2 inches into her and flooded insides with my seed.
I stayed where i was for a short moment to see if she would stir. She didn't, so i just kept rubbing my soft c*** till i was hard again. I really slowly pushed against her as i sunk myself into her teenage body. With how much i c***** in her i was able to slide in easily. I could feel my head pressing into her cervix as i was bottoming out inside her. I gently just pushed in and out only about an inch. I pushed in and held myself when i felt myself going again. I emptied my b**** into her, flooding her cervix as i did.
My niece is now 16 weeks pregnant and she and my sister don't know it's mine.

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  • I enjoy using my daughter's tight bald slit. She's 9 years old and loves it.

  • Naturally, she loves it. I often lube the glans of my rod, and ease it ito the plump slit of my 6-year-old daughter, being carful not to tear her soft hymen. My daughter squeals with delight as I hold my weapon in my hand and slide my glans in and out. I'm going to take her completely when she reaches her 8th birthday.

  • Haha good work

  • What the f*** you a******. You raped a 15 year old and got her pregnant?! I hope you rot in jail

  • I call bullshit! But it's a real nice story though.

  • I want to have s** with you

  • Your my hero hahaha I would've dominated that p**** I would not have been gentle

  • What are you? An inbred? Is that why he's your hero? You make me p***** off. I wish I could smack you over.


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