I s*** in a bucket at work

So here it is, I've never had anything to confess on here till now. I am at work right now and I work in a factory on night shift in maintenance. I'm pretty secluded on my 12 hour shifts and I have to keep a watchful eye on a boiler and just set and wait for something to break. I had to s*** so bad that I got a bucket and filled that sum b**** half way full, as I was going to empty it a co worker walked up and was like what the h*** is in that bucket and I said it's just wet sawdust and dirt from where I cleaned out a rip saw and he goes oh.... I'm pretty sure he knew it was s*** hahaha

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  • I wore an adult diaper to work. Never s******. Wet every day.

  • I hated the night shift. I worked from four in the afternoon until two in the morning Monday thru Friday and two till midnight on Saturday. I got fired for sleeping on the job and when I got home I heaved a huge sigh of relief. I hated that place.

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