I had s** with my cousin

I am a male, when I was 14 I lived with my dad's twin brother and his wife and two step daughters one was 13 and the other 6, because my dad was a over the road trucker and my mom split from the picture. My cousin was 13 and she was very well developed and sexy as all get out. One night we had to share a bed because of the small living space. I remember thinking how good she looked in her boy shorts. I lifted the blanket a couple of times so I could see the bottom of her butt cheeks. At this point I had a raging h****** so I put my d*** probably a few inches from her ass just dreaming about banging her about that time she shoved her ass against my d***, I froze thinking oh s*** I'm in trouble now but she just started rubbing really hard against me, so I pushed back before I knew it I had her shorts off and was between her legs. She was so right that it hurt my d*** when I tried pushing in, after that night we would sneak off into the woods to f*** or we would test faith and she would pretend she needed help with homework so I had an excuse to go to her room while my aunt and uncle were home so we could f***. I ended up moving out a few months later and I didn't see her much after that, I ended up joining the marine corps at 18 and was gone for a few years stationed in California the complete opposite side of the country from my home. Well I got honorably discharged a few months ago and yesterday she came to my house and she rode with me to grab a beer. We get back to my house and she said she didn't think she was ok to drive and I told her you can stay at my house if you want to, so she agreed. I only have one bed and told her she could sleep in it and I would crash on the couch, she said ok and about a hour later she takes a shower and asked if I had a shirt she could wear so I have her one and she went to bed 10 mins later she comes in the living room and asked if I would keep her company and watch a movie in my room so I say yeah sounds good we go to my room were laying there and she starts talking about our past s** life and this is something I haven't told anyone and haven't discussed with her since we were teenagers, we start talking about it, next thing I know she puts her hand in my boxers pulls my d*** out and starts sucking she sucked so hard that it almost hurt I grabbed her really easily considering she only weighs 115 lbs give or take and stands about 5 ft 3" with long silky long black hair that goes to her ass. I flip her over and push her face into the bed and I start ramming her, she squeals really loud as I keep going and then she surprises me because she starts squirting all over me I had never been with a squirter and it was f****** hot as h***. I ended up cuming inside her like a champ and I don't regret it. This is all 100% true I honestly never had hotter s** and I couldn't brag to no one about it because well it wouldn't be appropriate but any thing is appropriate here I guess lol


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  • I often have it away with a black cousin. She's 12 and I'm 19. I also ram her black mother, who is divorced.

  • Fess up. That was really you grandma.

  • Giv the b**** c*** 5 times day

  • Lucky m***


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