Recent found i enjoy going nude

I'm a 48 year old wife and mother who has recently discovered the comfort and freedom of going nude at home and even out of the house . It started with me alone and doing my house work and laundry in the nude . As I got braver I would slip out the side door at the kitchen nude to carry out the trash . I have gone to the door nude for mail or U.P.S And Etc, hiding behind the door and taking what's being delivered while reaching and peering around the door . Now summer is here and I wanna be nude more and more I drove my to sons to my sisters house Sunday so the two of them could go with my sisters son an daughter to a waterpark for the day . On the 25 minute drive home on country roads a bit less traveled it hit me to strip and drive nude and I did . I know passing traffic like suv's and those tall pickup trucks must of been able to see me and I became very aroused (wet). my husband was on a Sunday golf outing so I arrived home still nude and went inside and pleasured myself for quite sometime . I stayed nude until my husband returned and we had s** . So time to pick up the boys and left the house in shorts and t-shirt only to become nude minutes after I left and dress again before I arrived at my sisters . Monday morning I wake up and wanna go nude so bad but for last few weeks the boys have been home for summer break and I can not . I took a shower fixed my hair and put a bit of makeup to look decent walk out into my room and started looking for shorts and a top to wear and made up my mind I wasn't dressing . I open my door walked nude down the hall to the family room peeped saw my sons sitting watching t.v and I told to close their eyes for a minute they did and I walked in nude and said ok open them they looked shocked I told them I felt comfortable and free nude and would be nude at home with them until time for their dad to come home not sure he will understand . I have nude with them the past 3 days and now that the shock is over and they have seen all of me I 'm free again .


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  • I'm 46 male. i live nude and do everything naked. I have a son who's now 13, so I don't do as much nude when he is around.
    I still walk about the house naked, do laundry and hang it up outside on the line naked.
    When I'm alone I find myself taking risks just like yourself. I regularly clean my windows while nude, and the windows are floor to ceiling so I know people walking by see me for sure.
    My neighbours know I am a nudist cause I've made sure they've seen me either when I'm in backyard or cleaning my windows.

  • I started with the nude at home thing with my hot older sister, in her apartment. She was a "comfy at home" type, and hated wearing the least bit of anything while home. I'd visit her, enjoy the nakedness, and, she gradually got me into it. Made me dinner one night, and said "join me", helping me off with my pants, shirt, and boxers. Knew I was hard, for her, but, said such was normal. Even joked "And because I'm so hot and bea-uu-tiful".

    She had no problem answering the door naked, going down the flight of stairs for her mail, naked, or, if I stopped by with one of my guy friends (who, btw, loved it and would ask often...let's go see your naked sister). Was equally comfortable with women, however, most women avoided her apartment, probably for fear of looking like old hags compared to her.

    Now, I do it at home nearly every day, very much enjoy it, and, get together for naked time with my older sister whenever we can. In fact, a few months ago, we helped a friend's daughter move, 5+ hours away. Got a hotel room, just the two of us, and, minute we got back from dinner, locked the door and
    stripped each other down to nothing. Spent rest of the evening in a cooled-off hotel room, completely naked with each other. Loved it.

  • Wow so exciting.

  • Your Son might join in one time try not f*** each other

  • That is so good

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