too beautiful for s**?

i have just recently met the woman i want to marry and she is the world to me . we talk often and all that goes with that , but i have had some issues sexually. for some reason i have a hard time maintaining an erection with her because i think that i am way too in love with her or that she is too beautiful, small and shapely and yet very couterous. we plan on getting married but this bothers me , when i think of her i have no problems , i can maintain an erection and m********* until i am literally empty and still want to m********* more. Usually the women i have dated have been fat or had big breats but she is the complete opposite and i love that about her , can a guy gt addicted to women that he feels are beneath him , or is it just that all those relationships have just been sexual? i do not look at p*** so i feel that my " vault " is empty of any images to urge the troops on ....i need a mature and reliable opinion , what could be wrong? I am worried .......i wonder if because i am serious about her , and i have been in a bad marriage before if it is more worry about not being able to trust her because i feel so strongly toward her?


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  • thank you so much for your comments...i really objectified women ...meaning that if she had big t*** or something visually stimulating about her i had no problems , but this woman in my eyes is perfect , what i struggle with is i don;t see her as just a f***?....i want to because then it is on....but i can't.....thanks this site better than church in some respects?

  • she isn't just a girl. She's your girl and it's good that you feel that way about her. But the above commenters are all right. Once you become more comfortable around her and she starts to do things that make your feet curl you won't have any problem cuming in, on, and with her.

  • you're too nervous. she's just a girl. remember that.
    you probably are used to feeling that your girls are inadequate in some way, and she isnt liek the others and seems more \\"perfect\\". don't make her perfect, just appreciate who she is, & dont be nervous.

  • Don't worry, once she wraps her lips around you and starts slurping, you're not gonna have any problems.

  • I had the same problem before. Once you get to know her better, and you're not quite as nervous, the erection problem will dissipate.

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