Want my BFF's brother to f*** me like no tomorrow

Raised as siblings with bff and her family. Went to a concert several weeks ago. It was overcrowded and ppl stood almost on each other. I grinded on my bff's brother behind me, unintentionally at first. But after I felt his b****, I did it on purpose. It turned me on, as I have always found him sexually attractive. While I am not satisfied about my looks and often feel insecure, my curves are one thing that I really like about myself. I wore a short, tight dress that night and kept grinding, pushing my backside against his crotch for almost 3 hours. I wanted to feel it and wanted him to notice that I was not doing it accidentally, and notice it he did. While he was wary at first, trying to get away from me, it changed quickly as I turned around and stared several times at him. He stopped resisting and pushed his b**** against me, almost feeling it between cheeks. He started touching my thighs and ass with his hands, stroking over my legs and occasionally under my dress. I made eye contact with him several times and it was clear that he wanted me as much as I wanted him.

Ever since that night, I want to be his l*** object. I want him to f*** me hard. I grew up with him, as siblings almost. People consider us sister and brother. His sister is my best friend, my brother is his best friend. But I want him to ravage me. Use me. I want him not to hold back and do everything to me that he wanted to do with a girl in terms of s**. I want him to choke me and spit in my mouth while he's on top of me, f****** me. I want to feel that b**** I felt that night in all of my holes. I want him to force his c*** in my troath, slap and shame me while doing so. I want to be his slave. That's how much I want to have s** with him. It drives me insane. I think about it everyday, I hint to it while on Whatsapp or at home. I bend over to pick things up in front of him. I stand in front of him while he sits so he can look at my body. I want to feel wanted, objectified by him. I wear dresses making my thong lines visible so it will turn him on. I'm hoping one day he will just lift it up and f*** me from behind. I knock on the door while he's showering, walk into his room without knocking hoping to catch him masturbating. If I manage to do so, I will be with my lips around his c*** before he can even say a word.

But he's been wary ever since that night. Like it was all only for that moment and like it never took place.

What should I do? I really want it... Please give me advice.


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  • Same thing happened to my friends sister. I knew she was interested In me, f*** her for two days straight, got it out of her system

  • Keep going as you are. Sounds like you're doing fine. You sound hot, and you sound like you're hard to resist. His defense will wear down eventually and he will lose it and smash your back doors in.

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