Bizarre but true story from the 50's.

When I was a little boy a bizarre story was circulating around to the effect that a seven-year-old black girl had either fallen into or gotten into a pigsty and was attacked and eaten alive. Nothing much was left as most of her body was eaten. I believe just her feet or hands were left. The police killed the pigs and got the rest of her out of their stomachs.

I believe this story is true because my grandfather got rid of our pigs after the story started circulating around. The girl died in Georgia sometime in the 1950's.

Here is my take on the story. I used to watch the pigs at my grandfathers sty when I was younger than seven myself. There were some cute piglets in the sty and on one occasion I almost got in to pet them.

I didn't go in because of the slop and excrement. Something tells me I better be glad I didn't.

Jul 15, 2016


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  • I believe that this week, the pigs' descendants are gathered in the city of Cleveland, Ohio.

  • Forgive me, but that wasn't a story from the 50s. It was the beginning of a VERY crude and very racist JOKE from the 50s that ended with the pig (it was just one) eliminating the girl's parts via natural means and the girl being reassembled. The rest is too mean-spirited to even try to clean it up, but you can probably imagine. Your family was having some fun at your expense.

  • This is no joke. Pigs in a feeding frenzy will do this. Any resemblance to a joke is a coincidence and I personally never heard the joke.

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