I had a boyfriend for 9 yrs, he convinsed me to live with him just after our 6 th anniv. We barely had s** when before that because were miles away. But now i cant stop him from touching me.
On my first night, i was awoken by his hands fingering me. I moan a bit, and then he undress me and kiss me so hard. That is makes me c** just by his bare fingers. He flip me to give me a***. I dont like it that much but i think that he likes it more. He then c** inside my ass and we fell asleep.
The next morning i cooked breakfast and i was shock when he hugged me from behind and started rubbing his b****. He pulled my panties down and f*** me so hard that i c** twice. i was addited to him. He almost f*** me 6 times a day. He said he couldnt get enough of my p****. Even when i was watching tv he wanted me to remove my panties and then he'll start fingering me. I get use to it. There times when his friends visited our house he started rubbing his b**** behind me. I wore skirt that time and then he asked me to sit on his lap. I disagree but he grabs me and force me to sit between his legs. I was embarraced when he slid his hands inside my skirt in front of his friends and i got mad and slap him.
He then follow me to our bedroom and apologies about it, he hugs me and he started kissing me. We were sitting beside tge bed. Im still mad when i tried to push him away but he was so strong. He spread my legs and pull my undies and started licking my p****, im still pushing him but getting wet. I moan in pleasure and then he started fingering me while kissing. I still feel to urge to stop him. I tried to let go and manage to stand up. He then pinned me on the wall and started f****** my p**** from behind. I cried but i liked it. He then c** and repeatedly say sorry. I makes him more h**** whenever i push im.
The next morning i woke up naked and saw him licking me. I was disgusted and stopped him. He said he wanted to make me c**. He bought vibrator and showed it to me. He asked me to wear it. I wore it and its pleasurable. It then started vibrating and he was there just watching me, after i c**, i had no force left, he started f****** me, as in f****** me for long, he c** twice. I feel like im a slave but he never hurts me as a matter of fact he is the one who follows my rules. But in s**, he dominates. I liked it that way. He never gets tired. Whenver i got period he still rubs my breast and suck my nipples until he c**. He is still addicted to s** and i kinda get use to it.

Jul 16, 2016

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