Worried or Flattered? O_O

My boss told me that i had great legs the other day. Should i be worried or flattered?

Jul 16, 2016

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  • My secretary has great legs and I mentioned it to her one day when she had on some shorts, our workplace is construction so rather informal.
    She didn't say anything, but then a few weeks later she gave her two weeks notice, mentioning my comment had upset her.
    I hadn't even meant it that way, it was just a lame comment, I almost expected to get sued but nothing happened.
    I guess some of my guys had wolf whistled and crap like that, I didn't even know about that.
    So I had to call a meeting and have a talk. Our company is fairly good size with 44 employees, only two are women, the younger one does the pickups and deliveries, she is just a kid.
    I told them all that if caught disrespecting, I would have to let them go, because their smart ass comments can f*** up my insurance rates.
    I did learn to keep my own mouth shut, she was one damn good secretary. But I am married and so was she, so I guess that really was insensitive.
    I say our world was better before, now we have to think about everything we say before we say it, even with the guys.
    My new secretary IS learning, but it's a PIA to have to train new ones.

  • There is an invitation to wear shorter skirts if I ever saw one. Might be able to turn those legs into a pay raise.

  • When my older sister started teaching years ago, she wore a lot of short or shorter skirts. Other male teachers would compliment her body and legs every day. She was fine with it, as knew many for years, but, when a board member did it, in private, telling her he "bet she drove the male students crazy with those long legs", she took a bit offense to it. Saw male teachers as her equal, so, ok for them to compliment and comment, but, a board member with power over her, no.

  • Take it as a complement. Step back and ask yourself what are you actuallu worrying about. Maybe he is trying to win onto you. Nothing wrong with trying.

    If he forces him self onto you then why worry. Just either accept his advance or kick him where it hurts.

    Nothing useful comes from worrying.

  • Best to ask your boss how they'd look wrapped around him

  • Depends on how good-looking she is.

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