Room Mate From H***

I have been sharing an apartment with one of my friend's cousins. She and i both work in the same area, so i figured why not? She's a cool person. But: she's a horrible room mate.
She doesn't clean up after herself. She doesn't do her clothes or dishes. She occasionally washes counters and the table. When she's busy with paperwork or whatnot, she leaves it EVERYWHERE (on the floor, on the coffee-table, hung over the damn lamp, etc). Late at night when I'm trying to sleep, she watches TV on a high volume, eats popcorn (remember, she doesn't clean up after herself), and then when she does sleep, she normally ends up crawling into my bed. Her half of the rent is normally always late, which not only p***** me off, but our land lord too!
I get it. We're young, we just got our first jobs, and we're friends. But as soon as i round up enough money, I'm out of here!

Jul 17, 2016

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  • I was nice enough, too nice, to let a very hot, very sexy, but always-troubled young woman I knew stay with me for a little while. At first, all was fine, she was respectful, cleaned up, and treated the arrangement like a couple. I felt so lucky to have this fit-bodied, auburn-haired beauty with the killer smile living with me. Then, however..Things gradually changed. I think since she became so comfortable in my house, and, knew I enjoyed (very much) her lounging around in thong panties, low-cut shirts, or yoga pants with a tight, b****-hugging top, that I would still be ok with picking up after her every day. Such was wrong.

    "Jess", would eat in bed, leave plates or wrappers there, spill drinks, and just wait for the spot to dry, leave her clothes wet in the washer, and have all sorts of odd people at my house at, since she worked in a bar, all hours. I know stuff got stolen from my garage, but she denied it, instead trying to cozy up to me and shoot that gorgeous smile. "Do you real-ly think I'd let that happ-en?" she told me, hands on my chest.

    It was going downhill anyway, but, my final thing was the night she flipped out (was known for it), knocked over a full bookcase, shaved her head in my bathroom, and put a hole in my home office wall. Even I couldn't justify "yeah, but she's a hot little sexpot" for letting her stay. I put it to her nicely, that, within 3 days, she had to find somewhere else to live.

    Biggest surprise is, we get along better now as friends after I kicked her firm little ass out. I admit, I made a mistake letting her stay to begin with. Never again.

  • One time in a share house when I was at uni, this house mate of ours piled all the dirty dishes outside my door and I tripped over them in the middle of the night when I went for a pee. Another time he piled them up in the shower.

  • Pick up all her s*** and put it in her room

  • ^Couldn't agree more. Or tell her you need to talk and say that the place needs to be cleaned up. And if she doesn't want to clean, then she can pay for a maid. Problem solved. If she's using your dishes, tell her no more if she can't take care of them. If she leaves one more thing in the common area and waits a day to pick it up, you'll toss it. Time for her to grow up. You're not her mom or her maid. You're her roommate.

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