Panties 4 ever

I wear panties all the time and I own no male underwear. I have been seen in my panties at the hospital and my regular doctor appointments. I also wear nighties around the house in front of my wife's boyfriend. I have been seen by my neighbors in my nighties as our washer and dryer are in our screen room.



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  • I've just had some mackerel fillets,b***** delicious

  • I don't own any male undies either. Threw them all away. I only wear panties also. Everywhere. My female doctors all have seen my sexy panties and smile big when they see them on me!!!!! I love it!!!!!

  • A million people starving. Hundreds killed by terrorists. Depressed people committing suicide. Car accidents, plane crashes & global warming.

  • How many times are you going to tell us this? Nobody gives a s***.

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