F****** my brother's bestfriend

I was 13 at the time and he was 26. A month ago, he was at my house hanging out with my brother. I get up and walk to my room. After about 30 minutes, I heard footsteps and the door slowly opened. I lay on the floor on my stomach facing away from the door, with my legs spread open. I hear him ask what am I doing, I scream and run to the bathroom. He follows me. I hide in the shower and close the curtain. "[Name withheld] what are you doing?" I groan and reach out to grab a towel as I wrap myself in it. I stare at the floor and tell him that I wanted to have s** today. He sits on the toilet with the lid down and its quiet for a second until finally I slowly look up at him and sit on his lap, one leg on each side of his waist. I start sucking his neck and he pushes me off. "Not here" he groans. I moan and grab his hand as I pull him into my room. I close the door and turn around to see him standing behind me. He pushes me against the wall and licks my lips. I want this. BADLY. VERY BADLY. We slowly walk to the bed, while kissing. I push him on the bed and straddle him. I take off his shirt and unbuckle his pants. His clothes are in a pile on the floor as we crawl under the blankets and I go down on him. I end up giving him a b****** on my bedroom floor. He moans. I grab his c*** and jam it into my ass. I sit on his c*** and grab his hand as I make him finger my p****. I groan with pleasure. The next day I tell my mom I need a ride to his house. I get there and find him in the kitchen. He stares as I walk over. I'm wearing a shirt and jeans but he strips me and sits me on the counter. We make out for 15 minutes moving all around the house, the kitchen, the couch, the bathroom, the hallway, until we get to the bedroom. He rips off his shirt to show me his abs. I moan and tell him to put his c*** deep in me. Its painful but I enjoy it. He pulls out and starts fingering my c***. I grab his d*** and find his b**** as I rub them. We f*** on his bed for hours. He sucks my b******. And then goes down on me. Slowly licking down my stomach, once he gets to my p****, he looks up at me and grins. He opens the lips of my p****, jams his tongue in and swirls it around. I c** and he swallows. He enjoys this. He runs out of the room and comes back holding a d****. He applies lube to the d**** and his c***. He pushes his c*** in my ass and the d**** down my throat. Ever since then, we have s** 4-5 times a week. I feel kind of bad but its enjoyable and I love it. Should I stop or just f*** the h*** out of him?

Jul 24, 2016

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  • Love a 13 yr old that wants to f*** and suck c*** even nicer if she has a young sis that wants it too

  • First time a*** goes fine at age 13? Not in the real world n****

  • Fake af

  • Troll!

  • Certainly keep doing it.

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