How to finger myself and make it feel good?

I'm 14, and I m********* everyday but I've always wanted to finger myself to know if it feels better but when I try there's too much pain so I just stick to my c*** instead m, any tips to make it feel better or better ways to o*****?

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  • 14m here, wait in week intervals to m*********. It may not be just a boy thing, but I know it feels f****** awesome when you wait

  • Put your finger on or in your hymen a little, and push or pull down your finger until you feel to much pain. Do this ever time you can, put your fingers into the sides of your v***** and pull yourself open a little more each can stretch open your hymen slowly over a little bit if time. Buy a couple of lollipops, get them wet in your mouth then use them to stimulate your c*******, then slowly try and pop it passed your hymen. It will go in with little uncomfort and is a pleasurable feeling. Once you have stretched your hymen far enough to insert your fingers, you can massage your g spot. With practice you will be able to o***** from your g spot. And best of all e******** fluid from your v*****.Good luck

  • I'm curious because my gf has the same problem.
    Poster (14f) - Did 16f's tip work?
    16f - Do you also have this problem?
    Are you both still virgins? I'm assuming so because of this problem. My gf and I haven't been able to do it yet because of this problem. We both really want to but I don't wanna hurt her. :/ Looking for all the help, tips and experience you can share!

  • 16f here, ease into it w c*** then before u climax, try both at same time. Works for me hahe

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