F*** my friends husband

Awhile ago now i went round my friends house and ended up f****** her husband, ill explain! so im 19 and in uni, and my friend is a mature student as she is 42, and iv always popped round after uni and she come out with us on when weve gone out drinking, well i thought she was going to be in as she had arranged with me prior however so i get round there in evening her husband invites me and we chat as he txts her, turns out she doubled booked and is out with her mother, inbetween her husband txting her shes txt me sayin sorry, and itll b over an hour before she gets back, now me and her husband have never really spoke but now we were talking like mad and i didnt ever think f****** him till the subject turned towards s** and it turns out that everything i had told my mate about my s** life she had told her husband, ar first i was embarrissed but he kept asking questions and i found myself telling him loads thing in great details of the things iv done and he started sharing stories too, then i was thinking i want to f*** him, long story short, id say 5mins later hes standing and im on my knee with his d*** in my mouth, 5 mins after that im sat on his face, and after that im sat on his d***, skirt round my waist riding his d***, in their family living room next to photos of him myfriend and their kids, we didnt even draw the curtains or close the windows and we are grunting and groaning the house down, he must been in his late 40s and my friend is abit on the large side but he was loving my body and throwe me around f****** me in sorts posistions, on all four on the leather sofa he made me c** and i swallowed his load when he came, grunting really loud! i had no choice really his d*** was so far back in my mouth lol
he asked for repeat but i said no...although i am temped as it was good s**

Jul 26, 2016

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  • Well thats what happens when a woman lets herself go...a man cnt resist a hot young woman with a body still firm n in its prime!

  • Nasty w****! did u enjoy every min of it? u swallow his load?

  • I loved how s** starved he was, he was like a dog in heat and yes i swallowed every last drop

  • Oh you dirty little minx? what was your full outfit? did you f*** fully clothed?

  • What i was wearing? jean skirt white tank top and tan high heeled ankle boots, top came off but everything else stayed on

  • Hot!

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