S** with my future father in law

Im supposed to be getting married to a nice guy but I've formed a connection with his father. We can talk for hours and spend time together without getting bored. Over the amount of time we've known each other we both believe we've fallen in love. Passing each other in the hallway he stopped, grabbed my waist, and kissed me which I gladly returned but we both decided that we shouldn't since he's married and I'd be soon. But the next day we were alone since everyone was out for the day. I was showering and he pulled the curtain back, fully naked, and asked if he could join. Before I knew it he was in the shower with me giving me the most amazing rub down of my life. He massaged every inch of me. His rough skin with the warm water made me feel something my fiancée could never do. We got out and went to the guest bedroom. Soaking wet on the floor he ran his hands up and down my body as I rode him. He pulled me under him and went in fast. I had to bite on my lip to not scream he was going so hard. We spent the rest of the day in bed just laying with each other. He wants us to leave our partners and be together but I don't know. His wife does treat him badly, but their still married.

Jul 27, 2016

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  • My daughter does exactly the same with me, and she's only 13.

  • If this is how you want to behave, clearly you don't love your fiance. Don't toy with him, if you can't be faithful, end it for his sake.

  • I think you should leave your partners. If you really love him you would be miserable married to your fiancé.

  • Thank you.

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