Secretly m********* thinking of my girl best friend(I'm female)

Ever since one drunken night I've been thinking about my best friend while I've been touching myself.
When we was younger we used to kiss n stuff but last time we made out we went more than kissing there was b*** playing n sucking even went as far as she touched my p**** over my pj bottoms. She even tried to get me t go upstairs with her but we both have men in our lives I thought it was just us being our usual drunk selfs but ever since then I can't get the whole idea Ae f****** her out my mind. I dno whether to tell her or not.

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  • Also to make my needs even worse my bf hasn't had s** with me since December due to his mental health. Other guys would Defo be off limits. I'm not Tht kinda gf but I've a high s** drive so for all these months I've just been playing solo.

  • Wow! That's a long dry streak! Have you been with anyone else since December (male, female, oral, petting, etc), or have you only been masturbating on your own? Basically, have you ever cheated on your boyfriend (or anyone for that matter)?

  • Wen I was younger I kissed one guy behind my bfs bk but told him straight away about it.

  • Nope.. dry spell for me it's the worst spec wen I've such a high s** drive ..I wouldn't do Tht t him

  • I don't really like this open forum chatting since trolls usually get in the way. But we can keep chatting via e-mail and I'll try helping you and giving you some advice.
    Just write your e-mail adress and I'll e-mail you. :)

  • Can't my email addy has my name in it.. N can't risk anyone finding out about my confession Incase I decide not to open up and tell my friend. Sorry

  • I totally understand! I actually wouldn't do that either if I were you. But you could just create a new, fake e-mail adress for this purpose. I usually use a fake one with people from this site. You know, until I know I can trust them. :)

  • Seems like too much effort lol

  • I'm scared to talk to her about it cause we was both really drunk n I feel she only had the confidence to do it because the alcohol. We both owned up to being bi when we was younger but I'm the only girl she's ever kissed or anything. I've been with a couple girls. I'm so confused.

  • The night that all happened my man n her man was there she asked there permission first n they both said yeah go for it.

  • Talk to your man about it, and if he's fine with it then go for it. Sounds like she wants this as much as you do. Good luck!
    PS. Let us know how it goes! ;)

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