Dear A******

Because i do not look like the perfect model, does not mean that i'm ugly or not in shape. I am right where i should be for a 5'6 17 year old teenager. In fact, some people tell me that i should gain weight.

Because i have one pimple at the side of my nose does NOT mean that i don't wash my face. I am a teenager. I am acne prone. That's why i can't wear make-up often. And you know what? I'd like to see you without your 70 layers of mud and 'contouring'. I bet that you look completely different. But you're too cocky and self-absorbed to allow anyone to see you like that, because you believe looks are everything.

Because i do not have a phone, i am apparently poor? Who the f*** are you to tell me that i'm poor, when i have a father in the army, and a mother working for the state? I don't need or WANT a phone with a bunch of apps like SnapChat, Facebook, or Twitter. I like to be with the land of the living, and not connected to the internet.

Dear A******. Nobody likes you because you are everything Hollywood decapitates as a 'mean girl'. Get over yourself. You have flaws just like everyone else, whether you like or or not.

Dear A******. Your relationship is failing because you treat your man- my BROTHER- like s***. He is supportive, kind, generous, and everything you don't deserve. He comes home and raves about you. He tells me how much he loves you, how lucky he is to be with someone like you... Yet all you can say to him is 'don't hold my hand', 'carry my purse', 'tell me i'm pretty', and my personal favorite, 'act like a man'.

Dear A******. Believe it or not, i don't hate you. But i'm right. You are an a******.


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  • When you are older and getting c... You will not be so jelous

  • I call bullshit. You totally hate her/him.

  • I say its justified from what i read

  • I can relate to this :( except she is my neighbor and wants to get it on with my dad

  • I have to agree with the phone thing. I'm 24 years old and have a cellphone, but i refuse to install unneeded apps. Stuff like Pokemon Go, Twitter, and Snapchat is cancer. Tried Snapchat, and the only thing it was good for was sending nudes to my bf.

  • Wow. All i have to say is wow. If somebody said this to my face, I'd knock their lights out. Good thing you are anonymous lol

  • she actually roasting herself, or...?

  • Funniest thing i've read all g****** day. Better than some of the other s*** on this site. Everyone wants to talk about s**...

  • Savage... both of you sound like p*****

  • BURN! Hahaha!

  • It must be hard going through life harbouring so much hatred and anger.

  • So hard!!!!!

  • Trying to tune you up? Bahahaha so amazing, let me guess your in your late 50s

  • Let ME guess: your IQ is in the high 50s.

  • I admire your resolve and respect your perspective. I hope this adversary of yours either changes her ways, or finds the ability to chill. In any event, I hope she stops trying to tune you up. Good luck!

  • So, is she talking about herself, or another person? I honestly can't tell. Either way, DAMN!

  • I would like to put you over my knee and spank you. Then give you an instruction to smile.

  • Lol Jesus what a cu*t everything you said about yourself is true....hahahaha if this ugly b**** really has cake looking face, hold on to her brother lol. Savage as f***. i see my beautiful girlfriend put that s*** on her face and I would be the first one to say she couldn't pull of natural but she can. Anyways both of you, hug and makeup

  • Wow what a Cu*t thing to say

  • Everything you said about yourself is true. Do not be sensitive you'll do just fine.

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