Wifes nude photos

My wife is a very sexy woman and loves the attention her sexy body attracts. I also enjoy this attention and encourage my wife to wear revealing clothing.

As a step to encourage this behavior, I came up with this crazy plan and my wife was very excited by it. So we decided to quit fantasizing about it and give it a try.

Not to my surprise, my friend from work was very interested when I asked if he wanted to see some revealing photos of my wife.

So I created a secure web site on my home web server and along with my wife chose some of her best nude photos to post.

Right before entering my friend’s house I called my wife from my mobile phone and asked one more time if she still wanted to go thru with this. She said nervously, 'yes'.

I kept the phone connected and placed it in my front pocket. My wife listened to our complete conversation unknowingly to my friend.

We looked thru many nude photos and both commented about her incredible body. He even said at one point, "he would love to come up from behind her" with his manhood, while we were looking at a photo of her completely naked bending over a table.

As I left his house I quietly put the phone back to my ear and heard my wife masturbating and moaning. After listening for a while I said, I take it you liked our comments? Again she said 'yes', this time in an orgasmic tone.

Years later my wife still likes of fantasize and talk about this day. I couldn’t count how many times she's had an o***** while I repeat what my friend said. She has said that if I was still in contact with this friend, that she would love do us both.

I have changed jobs since then and have no idea how to contact him. That’s too bad, because I think I would like to see that happen too.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • i think you have a very healthy state of mind, and a good marriage. I've done the same. I've also shared my wife. I know how I'd love the attention of two women, so I've given her the attention of two men. A few times. I'd love to give her the same again. The "HA!BULLSHIT!" reply was probably from an individual with a double digit I.Q.

  • I think that you have a hot wife that likes to have fun, take her out to a upper class nite club, let her dress like a w**** and see what happens. i've fantised about my wife getting banged and me watching. or have a frineds nite guys only let her service everybody.

  • Nice sentence structure Einstein - somehow you made two complete sentences with only 2 words.

    I would imagine that with the depth level of your commentary this gives me a pretty good insight into the complexity of your thinking capability. In this instance however your deduction happens to be completely inaccurate.

    I am confessing my actions and my desires; as this is a confession web site.

    To hopefully deter any other skeptics, I assure you the above story is a very accurate account of what took place. Just because your lives must be too boring for such an event to occur does not mean it’s not occurring in other peoples.

    I would welcome some intelligent response. Do any of you have similar desires? I can’t believe my wife and I are the only ones in this world that feel this way or play around with this idea. I seems like a real pity to have such a desire and then go thru life without ever exploring it.


  • I can't fully comment on this until I've seen the pictures for myself.

    Link please...

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