Telling my GF she needs to douche?

So I all honesty this has happened to be before. I wasn't as sensitive with the situation. So I need idea on how to tell my girlfriend she needs to douche? What I did last time with an ex of mine is I went to the Walmart and bought it and when she asked what I got I sat her down and was mature about it and said honey I need you to use this. You know I love you but I'm worried and I want to be able to eat you. Some girls just don't know and become used to the smell. Anyways I need sensitive ideas to tell her?

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  • Doucheing is very bad for her vaginal health and if she has any sense she wouldn't do it. Maybe you're just being a p**** and her odor is natural? All v*****'s have different smells and tastes. Leave if you don't like it

  • Ask the man in the fish shop what she should use

  • She needs to get over the fact it gets smelly fast and just wash before a session

  • Uh if she's healthy and hygienic (meaning showers regularly, wears clean clothes) her odor should be natural and fine. Maybe you're just extra sensitive? I don't think she needs to use that product.

  • Have you ever considered the possibility of you having an std and that that is the cause of all your girlfriends starting to smell down there! You might have infected them!

  • Yeah you tell that guy off!!!! F*** that d***, he doesn't like fish markets!!! Yeah hi it's me, thank you for that. An STD really? That's funny, I do not have s** with different girls, I have been loyal and I love this girl with all my heart. Lately she has been lazier, staying in bed for two days, like that kind of stuff. So yeah I do get that, idk maybe she doesn't shower everyday, she is the greatest person I know, I am am the kind of guy who what women both want and despise, but I usually go off outer apperence but her I enjoyed talking to her, honestly I don't care what she looks like or smells like. Hygiene needs to go up but I do love her so much, and even though she may not be the cutest girl and I may not be the cutest guy. The admiration and optimism she has, is what I need and I love her for caring herself as a proud strong women. So what if I get stank d***, all good

  • Actually douching is very bad for a woman's v*****. It will make whatever problem she's having worse. Maybe it's the lube on the condoms or something else throw I off her ph balance. From your post I can tell you know absolutely nothing about reproductive health.

  • What is it?

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