I was being a s***..........

Okay, so I'm in the drug store one day last week picking up some things for my wife before going home after work. I'm in a really bad mood because I had a really bad day at work. Then this broke-ass young girl (probably 25) walks up to me (I'm 46) and says she can't pay for her items and could I pay for her. I say yeah I'll pay if she'll come out to the car and blow me first (bad mood, like I say), and I figure there's no way she'll go for it. But she does go for it. I say we gotta go to the car first and you gotta blow me, and then I'll come back inside and pay. She don't want to do it but she does it and it's really REALLY good. So we go back in and I tell her look I'm still gonna pay but shes gotta agree to come back to the car and f*** me after. She's p***** but she needs the stuff she's buying, because her kid is sick (so she says), so she agrees. I pay for all her stuff and we go back out to the car and she gives me the p****. And let me tell you...........the p**** is SPECTACULAR! I mean g******! Even though she's p***** she f**** like a dream and I cannot get enough. She tells me don't c** in her but I c** in her anyway. I know I was being a huge s*** to her, but here's the thing.....I realized I want more of her so I gave her my number and told her I will start buying lots of stuff for her and she says she has a sugar daddy but would I want to take his place? And I say f*** yah! This b**** is going to be the best thing ever happened to me. Or at least the nastiest thing.

Jul 30, 2016

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  • People like you are the reason for high divorce rates. You have a wife. It shouldn't be f****** hard to stay faithful you piece of s***

  • If my wife was as young as this chick, or as well-built (gotta love implants!!!), or even half as good in the sack, I wouldn't be cheating. But there you have it. The girl is going to be expensive to keep, but I'm going to enjoy every minute of it. Every f****** minute! She is INCREDIBLE! And the more we're together, the better she gets. DAMN! I haven't told her this but I've even started thinking about loving my wife out and moving her in! This p**** is unbelievably good!

  • Not to worry. I've met women like that in grocery stores and drug stores, too, and they are all already prostitutes, so it's not like you enticed her to do something she wasn't already planning. Ask yourself why she would go into a store and pick out all these selections and then realize she didn't have money? It was a part of her plan. She was a pro when you met her and she was a pro after you left. You weren't the first or the last to f*** her or stick your c*** down her throat out in the parking lot. Just pray that she didn't give you an STD, since she appears to have "allowed" you to f*** her without a rubber. If you encounter her again, f*** her again, repeatedly, but wrap it up.

  • I guess you will be buying diapers in 9 mo.

  • ^ totally ^.

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