Watched moms s** tape

Back when i was 13 i was home from school sick. My mom and stepdad was gone to work i was snooping through their room and foind an old vhs tape i put it in her dvd/vcr combo and it was a tape of her f****** my stepdad from a long time ago im 15 now and i have watched the tape a few times without their knowledge of course. I was at home from school again being on summer break they was at work i was watching tape and jerking off and i heard dogs bark and looked in driveway seen her coming home i turned tv off and she got sent home early from work prduction was slow. I turned tv off fast so she couldnt see what i was watching and i went outside i came back in couple hours later, the tape was ejected and laying on top of vcr player so either she didn't care i was watching her f*** on the tape or she was embarrassed and just left it there. Anyway its been an awkward for 2 days then i went out with a friend playing basketball i come back and found the tape laying back on the player, so im assuming she wants me to watch it. My mom and i have never done anything and she is actually real conservative about stuff so just weird she doesnt care i see her s** tape.

Jul 31, 2016

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  • Mom obviously considers that an education for you. She wants you to know that s** is a natural phenomenon and cultivate a healthy attitude towards it. But you are too young to have s** activity right now. If you can't help it you shall only try it with kids around your age. You shall also learn the age of consent in your country or state:

  • Or did she put it back in your VCR, hoping you didn't notice she took it out, pretending she's ignorant of you watching it? Maybe she's just too embarrassed you saw it and was waiting for you to put it back where you found it. How awkward!

  • Ask her to watch it with you

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