Skate and Die

Dear human race, you stupid bastards, you give me hope with
1 in 100 twats that I meet who isn't completely saturated
in mediocrity,then toss it all. It seems the world is molded to make prosperity out of mediocrity, and tragedy out of the exceptional. I hate you....Family oriented judgementals, religious exclusionists. short sighted businessmen, those of you who subscribe to a notion of what is right, or good, I can't believe you are all so blind...

in this age of information, it's unimaginably cruel and selfish of you not to realize that your perception does not just affect the people on your street, but
people worldwide. People without concience and sense of justice, who toss it all to the wind as history repeats itself again, and again....Vatican City, you washed up turds, if you only knew how ridiculously transparent you look to the indigo kids....half of the baby boomers may have bought your crap, and you may have snowed 1/4 of the Gen Xers even, but the party's over....
You may "rent" the temporary loyalty of a Generation Yer
in distress, but even in their darkest hour, they won't
genuinely believe your s*** anymore....sorry, nature's law...not mine )
Dear CEO's.... keep donating to charity while you pay your
employees 1/10 of what you're pulling in, it'll be fine I'm sure...
I mean, what could possibly go wrong with manufacturing
everything in China and selling back to your own already
strained people at a 400% markup? ....anyway, when
the bottom falls out, and I mean really falls out, I'm glad you'll be
the last ones with the resources to survive, live long, and bon apetit) And China, you're even worse, capitalizing on your own people's backs isn't "communism" anymore, and living in a government castle while your worshippers swat vermin out of their food forfeits your right to throw stones at capitalism, so
yes, if you'd like the same problems on a LARGER scale, please continue building up your military and go ahead
with your takeover campaign, but remember, don't say I didn't warn you, balance is nature's most fundamental law,
please don't test it. That goes for all of you Miltiary turds,
take what you need, and you'll keep what you have. Is that
f***** clear enough? don't take my word for it Mr Medal of Honour...just look to the past, it's all there....see a pattern???

f*** you all

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  • TOO LONG! We like instant gratification. . .keep it short and sweet if you expect anyone to read!

  • yea, you lost me after the second sentence. maybe you are the t***? because you obviously need to get out more!

  • F*** you too.
    Didn't bother to read it. Too long.

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