S** with my boss

I worked in fast food when I was 16. During the summer, I closed a lot. It was almost always the same hourly manager closing. She was a hard ass but fair. I didn't have a car back then so she would take me home. One evening we went back to her place since I didn't have to be home for about an hour. We ended up having s**. I was 16 and she was 24.

At the time I had a gf and would sleep with her whenever I could but seeing as how we were both teenagers, availability was limited. My boss and I had to keep what we were doing under wraps because managers weren't supposed to be messing around with employees. That made it so much better. She is also responsible for teaching me my technique. She wanted s** a certain way and guided me on how to do it.

We had s** up until I finally quit around 18 for a job that paid better and had better benefits. I wonder what would have happened if I hadn't quit.

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