My final black f*******

Ok so as iv left previous confessions about me meeting n f****** same group guys from bebo many yeara ago, i have agrees to marry my bf and will be cutting out being unfaithfull behind his back with black men, however i have now arranged for in a few weeks, i will be traveling to london staying in a hotel monday and tuesday night and having my last fuckfeat with my origanal 3 guys, plus the other two who have f***** me, and....possibley another 5 more....
now what do i wear?
what should i got out and buy to wear?
what should i let them do?
where should i let them c**?
should i let the ALL go bareback in me?

any surgestions? ideas? thoughts?

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  • Come on sweetheart tell us how it went x

  • Not happened yet! next week! all arranged

  • With 10 black c**** you should have a 10 guy creampie

  • Yea that is what i would like...

  • Leather all the way! if your going to get g********* by that many bbc, leather skirt, leather boots and leather corset complete with a collar

  • Leather does have its appeal, just worries i may get too hot wearing it xxxx

  • First of all buy some nice panty's an sexy see thru top.

    Next sounds like a lot of dudes so let them all f*** you in every hole an have them c** in every hole

  • Oh i do want to be overflowing with c**, when you say see theu do you mean fishnet as i have a few body suits, tops in mind,

  • Wear those s*** unders inside and suit outside for them to rip it off.
    You got ten guy, so let them c** all over you, get soaked in c**

  • Cover my body in c**? i like that idea! i have a long coat to cover myself but what do you have in mind i should have under?

  • My wife has been barebacking blackmen for the past 14 years and never had a serious std problem. the doctors can clear up almost anything.

  • Just recently been tested and despite all the barebacking iv done with the guys im very healthy down there xxxx

  • You have no idea how much std you r gonna end up with! Good luck with that!

  • Go bare back and you risk getting HIV and other STDs, so I would get them all to cover up... Other than that, enjoy yourself and do update here or email me jXXoXxhxxxnxxsxxxoxxxxnbxxxxxgoodyxxxxxx AT gmail
    (Just remove the xxxxx)

  • But condoms are no fun and it feel s*** compared to the real thing

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