My son's nipples...

I want to cut off my 7 year-old son's nipples. Should I do this? And is it even legal to do so? I mean, I don't want to cause pain to him, I would sedate him before doing this of course. All I want to do is surgically remove his nipples, then have skin graphs covering the holes left on his chest.

The thing I'm concerned about is whether this is legal or not, or if doing this is the right thing for me to do to my son, because I do love and care about him. I'm wondering if I should ask him myself if he would be okay with me removing his nipples, that way if he says yes, he could consent to it. But even then, I'm still worried about the legality behind it.

What should I do? I can't talk to my family or friends about it because I don't want them to think I'm some sort of psycho, so I really have nowhere else to turn to but online confession sites like this. Please, I really need help.

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  • Yes it is illegal an from one nutcase to another 6 years in the asylum is not cool

  • That is a great idea

  • Why on earth would you ever consider doing something like this to your son? You are PSYCO for even thinking of it. If it is some medical condition and a doctor is doing it that's one thing but you the mom has no reason for doing anything to your son. SICK, SICK,SICK SICK, SICK... You best get some help or you might even cut his c*** and b**** off.

  • You dont want them to think you are some kind of psycho????? I got news for you.....they're going to find out anyway. Someone as disturbed as you cant hide it for long.

  • Only a lunatic would consider doing this and you would have to half a wheel to even think about it. Hopefully this is some kind of sick troll. Even so you should be beaten with a claw hammer until you are unconscious.

  • Wth. I hope this isn't real. If it is...if you actually did this to your son you would have your son taken from you and you would go to prison. Just so you know. And, also, if this is something you're really considering then you ARE a psycho.

  • What??? Who looks at their son's nipples and thinks, "Hey, I ought to mutilate him!" Why his nipples?? Of all things, you want to cut off his nipples. Cut off -from yor child! - a body part. He's perfectly normal and healthy and you want to mess with it, why? Why, why, why?? You are deeply messed up. Like I thought it was moronic to pierce a baby's ears. You are a monster.

  • Wait until he's 18 and let him take his own nipples off if he wants to. He deserves to make the choice himself as an adult. Just curious - do you have nipples, or did you remove yours too?

  • Jesus, you are a seriously sick f***.

  • Well, first off, YOU can't do anything yourself, so scratch that idea altogether. You'd have to take him to a doctor, and the doctor would have to identify some medical imperative for removing the child's nipples; i.e., the boy would have to have a medical condition, or display some symptoms, that necessitate the removal. But here's a spoiler alert: that's not going to happen. The bigger question is: why do you even want to do this?

  • I really hope you're kidding, because this is some f*****-up s*** right here. Cut off his nipples? I mean, S***! G******!!

  • No, you shouldn't do it. Human beings both male and female have nipples. To think about surgery is wrong.

  • Well you are a psycho. Accept it.
    My wife dresses our son in girls clothes.
    It's all messed up

  • Why does she do this? Does she think he is transgender or is she.....disturbed? Or...what?

  • My wife is part narcissistic control freak. Part feminist. The kid like me just do whatever she says to avoid a shouting match.

  • You are a Psycho - go to an ER and tell them what you typed here. Medication can help you

  • Medication and treatment.

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