When Having S** With a White Woman-)

When I f*** a white woman.I am always concerned about my reputation,pleasure,and the pleasure and satisfaction of the woman. But I am also mindful about the same thing for the next black guy.

Because of that,I make sure I pleasure the woman,treat her nicely so that she can see the next black guy who wants her favorably, and give herself to him. I always hope that he would do a great job,so that we don't lose the white woman from the black men circles.

We just have to get as many white women as possible hooked on black men,even get many of them knocked up,so that we can neutralize the racial tensions we have seen for many years.

I am doing my part,and I hope that other black men and white women would do theirs. Black women should not be shy about dating or marrying white men either.

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  • I am also a married white women whom enjoys having s** with blackmen. I am happy to do what I can to neutralize racial tensions, I did my part yesterday and have something set up for next week with a guy I work with. Just doing my part and hopefully doing it well.

  • I am a 31 year old white women who loves to relieve racial tensions by letting black men f*** me in my married white p****. I love bbc and welcome the attention I get from black men. I just don't want more white women to get addicted to bbc because I don't want to share it.

  • BBC

  • Agreed, i love black men! make s** so much more passonate!

  • And thats why i love getting f***** by black guys

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