Media reporting Child s** abuse

I think that there is a huge difference between a man who touches up a young adult woman and a man who has s** or touches up a child.

Like Bill Cosby or Rolf Harris or Jimmy Savil or one of lots of entertainers from the past who would touch up the women around them. Bit iky but I think a huge difference from that an a priest or teacher or nurse someone in a position of power over a child.

Children had zero power and zero benefit from these situations. You hear stories of how the family would invite the priest for dinner and say wonderful things about them in front of the very child who is being abused. And then send them to school where they would be abused.

I think that there is a huge difference between the two situations and that by worrying about the first we dilute the seriousness of the second

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  • The media reports child abuse only because they make money out of it.

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