I had s** with sisters

Obviously not at the same time and actually 20 years apart but recently I went out to the bar in my home town which I haven't been back to in 5 years, I dated a girl for 2 years and we broke up when I was 20, She had a younger sister that at the time was 11, I am now 40 and back then I remember thinking that when she got older her little sister would be beautiful, I never once thought of her sister sexually and had completely forgotten about her or her sister.
Me and some of my old friends got together for a night out and I had been looking at this girl who had been walking around and dancing all night, She was tall, slim and gorgeous, I finally got up the nerve to talk to her when we ended up at the bar ordering drinks at the same time, She invited me to sit with her and I agreed, We talked for an hour and she never once brought up family or her sister and I of course kept the conversation away from relationships but she did mention that she was recently divorced and had one kid.
By the end of the night my friends had all disappeared one by one and soon I was left alone with her, I invited her over to the hotel for a drink, She declined and I thought that would be the end of it, I was outside waiting for a cab and she walked up to me, We talked for a bit more, She was texting someone and then put her phone away, She looked at me and said "Um...So...My daughter is going to stay the night at the babysitters, Do you want to come to my place for a drink", I of course agreed and we caught a cab to her place, We sat and talked for another half hour before she leaned in and kissed me, From that point things happened fairly quick and soon we were naked on the couch, We had s** on the couch, She got up for a glass of water and I followed her to the kitchen, She led me to the bedroom and I managed to get it up one more time which actually amazed me but we had s** one more time in bed.
We both drifted off and in the morning I woke up first and as I laid there I couldn't get over how beautiful she is and what an amazing body she has for a 31 year old with a kid, Her body is the most amazing I have ever seen, Perfect in every way and not at all built like her sister was when she was 20, when she got up we ended up making out and she asked me if I wanted to have a shower with her, obviously I said yes and we went and showered together then walked down the street for breakfast, After breakfast we went back to her place, I fully expected to give her a kiss goodbye at the door but that turned into a make out session on the step and she pulled me inside and we had s** one more time, It was the most amazing 12 hours of s** I have ever had in my life and she is probably the best looking girl I have ever been with.
When she decided she should pick up her daughter and I finally forced myself to leave she stood at the door kissing me as I stared at her body and finally forced myself to pull away from her, She asked if she could call me sometime and although we live 6 hours apart I had hopes that maybe this would be more, I know its cheesy but we exchanged phones and added each other into the contacts and I left, While I was in the cab I looked at her name and when I saw her last name my heart stopped, I instantly looked her up on facebook and my heart sank, There on her cover page was a picture of her and her sister, She is older now but I instantly recognized her.
I haven't had the b**** to contact her and I don't know if my name would have even rang a bell with her but I don't know where to take this from here, I really want to talk to her again but this is new ground for me.
Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Simple. No brainer. You f***** her sister 20 years ago. Im sure they are over it.

  • There is a simple solution. Tell her that you dated her sister. If thas t really upsets her, then its not worth it anyways. But sheay like you enough to the point it doesnt matter

  • Maybe try and befriend one of her friends and like get closer that way ;)

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