Louis Nicholson ** it.

Back in the 90's I would stop by our favorite watering hole for a few Bass ales, a sandwich and some conversation every Friday. We would often get together and discuss things.

The main topic of discussion when were sat together was what a tough guy you were. I agree that you were tough. You had killed nine Commies in Vietnam and sometimes during your life you killed a ** who had molested your three nieces. I had no objections to any of that.

You were always saying that no one in the bar could win a fight against you and one day when a guy called you down on it you beat the ** out of him and the guy he was with. I mean you walloped his ** good and proper.

OK, so the watering hole has to close. I only stopped there because it was convenient and the food and beer was good.

We went our separate ways but I often wondered what you were up to. well, I found out that you had died in 2009. I mean I thought you would live forever. I thought you were too tough but you died and here i still am. I was one year older than you. I was 62 in 2009 and you were 61.

Sixty-one is a young age to be dying in this day and time. This is especially true when you are supposedly as tough as you said you were. Here I am a sixty-nine-year-old man and there you are dead as a doornail.

I'm glad I wasn't around when you died. You weren't perfect but you did make good company.

Aug 9, 2016

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