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I've always been a bit intimidated by my girlfriend sexually. She's stunningly beautiful and before we met she was quite badly behaved. She told me very early on in our relationship that she'd had two threesomes in the past.

Anyway. We went camping with some friends a couple of weeks ago, and after getting quite drunk she blurted out that she once gave three different guys a b****** at the same time. It was awkward because there were three of us (guys) and her, so I know exactly what the boys were thinking.

Nothing happened, but she was super flirty all weekend. She went topless sunbathing in front of them, and even flashed her p****.

Basically, I think I'm dating a s***.

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  • I agree.. Dont fall in love! Use her like she wants to be used! F it... Just don't marry or fall to in love.

  • She sounds to me but if you are troubled by her past dont marry her just enjoy her then get new girl

  • My chubby wife likes being shared between my mates and I love watching

  • So you hav a sexy girlfriend is that a problem

  • The same happened when I took my wife camping with a couple of my mates which ended up with having s** with her

  • Yes I would say she is easy to get. If you are OK with it well enjoy, but if you are not liking it, better get a more modest woman.

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