Rape is Not Okay

A sizable amount of people, oftentimes younger than most, have rape fetishes. Well I have something to tell you. Those little fake p*** videos, where the girl ends up following along, that's not rape. I used to think I had a fetish for that, a while back. I was searching "real rape" and all that. And I found this one video on pornhub. It was this Asian girl with two guys. I wasn't sure she was 18, but then again she could have just looked really young, because, admit it, Asians look young as h*** until they're 60. Anyway this girl was squealing like most Asian girls. But the thing was, she didn't look like she liked it. She was in pain. And the two men pushed and puller her around. Now this didn't seem like some shame video where the women volunteer. It seemed like this woman- no- this girl was being abused by people she may have trusted. She was crying too. Throughout the whole damn video. I skipped through it because I could just not bear to watch it through. It looked horrible. And they were doing it in a forest as well, probably to deep in for someone to hear her cries of pain. Rape is not okay. After seeing this video I knew. It's not something to m********* to, or to laugh at. Rape is for f****** bastards whose mothers raised them while stuffing cocaine up her a******. And that's all for now. Have a nice day!

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  • What's the link?

  • I like how you ended it with have a nice day.

  • To hurt r abuse a girl is always wrong and disgusting those who do it are scum

  • I agree with you and I'm a man.

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