Diesel smoke makes me h****

I am a girl and diesel trucks make me so h****. I've had a thing for trucks and buses that blow out dirty black smoke since I was a kid and the school bus with the big exhaust pipe near the ground covered everybody in dirty exhaust. When I see a truck blow soot out into the clean air my p**** gets wet. The smell is sooo good.

My friend's dad has a pickup truck with smoke stacks and it makes me so h****! They left for vacation once and I offered to take care of their pets. I found the keys to their truck and after dark I started it up and rubbed my p**** on the stacks and the vibrations felt so good and the warm exhaust in the cold night was so good. It made me squirt hard.

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  • Be careful, you may be get carbon monoxide poisoning & died.

  • Getting f***** in a truck is nice

  • Wish youd squirt over me

  • Jesus you have issues

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