I really want to f*** my aunt

So my aunt just moved to where in currently living. She's very attractive with huge t*** and an amazing ass. Very light skin with red hair. She is always trying to get me to go over to her house and when I do go she is usually in a very short dresses and skirts or tight sexy yoga pants. I know for sure she wants to have s**. She tries to get me wine wasted and sits super close to me. I'm rock hard everytime I am with her. She has even had me spend the night. One time I did so and she came in to the room that I was staying in around mid night to tell me she was going to take a shower.. I stayed quiet and waited a few minuets. Then I went to the other side of the house where her room light was off and I saw that the bathroom door was open! I saw her resting up against a bench that was right next to the shower completely naked rubbing her p****! She was super sweaty and breathing really hard. My heart was about to pop out of my chest! I couldn't help but watch the whole entire time till she started shaking and c******, I came so hard after witnessing her o*****. Then I saw her walking toward the door so I ran out and she shut her door. I barley made it to my room in time. I have never felt that h**** in my life. It was a rush seeing her. I even jacked off again thinking about it laying in bed. I know it's crazy to think that about my aunt but damn it really gets me going.

Let me know what you think!

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  • I first had a sexual relationship with my aunt when I was 15 and she was 49. After that first time, she let me take her whenever we had the opportunity. Sheo loves getting and receiving oral, and always

  • She totally wants to f*** man golden opportunity. Like a damn p****. Lucky f*****

  • Let her think your interested in her life in her openions show her you value her then she will hopefully let you ride her

  • I cant see why you havnt gone for it already just do it man

  • F***** awesome. She totally does want you. Ask her near nighttime when you're alone. Lucky f*****

  • So you all think I should start a sexual relationship with her??
    She is so worth the risk lol

  • H*** yeah

  • I do not understand why you have not been in bed with her. She has given you all the right signals and you have reacted with arousal. Why have you not acted on it? I am puzzled. Can you explain your reluctance?

  • It's just that I think it can go two ways, it's either going to open an amazing door or it's going to get awkward and have some regret. I'm really thinking on it. That's why I wanted to get some opinions! Thanks for commenting

  • I cant believe this dude, he has been invited to have a go at it and he does not know how to handle it.

  • Be careful go slowly talk to her take her gifts if u play it right ul get there

  • Go for it. Tell her you're going for a shower and keep an eye out.
    Or once you finish your shower go to her in your towel and complain you pulled a muscle in your shoulder or back and ask her to massage it. See where it goes from there.

  • Clever girl

  • I want to hear more ASAP

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