H**** teacher wants hot young p****

I am a attractive male i take care of myself i eat healthy i am put together smart and nice im not perfect but im attractive i am so super h**** though i have degrees im trying to teach in college because i want to f*** young p**** all the time.... i know girls want me.. young ones .......when they look at me i see it in their eyes i know how to f*** ....i mean i respect women but.... i just want to f*** young girls.....having f*** relationships are the best.....no drama....i hate being sexually frustrated all the time...my fantasy is to just met up with my students lick their p**** f*** them in in every position.......right now i am dating this one girl but ...im getting tired of her p****... i need more sweet p****......i was so f****** immature when i was young i missed so many opportunities i didnt know how to act......now im so charismatic...i sometimes go and hang out on college campus ...hoping to hit it off with some young college girls i know they want it too.....im so hateful and jealous of stupid young guys i know they dont know what they are doing and they are dating and f****** young girls..............but its a young girls fantasy to get f***** by a h**** hot teacher.....they have young girls in beauty contests they are 18 years old....these girls are so hot in their bikinis.... u can see their a**** their perky t******.....im so h**** i need to watch it now to c**...i wish i could lick their bodies their p****** and f*** them......if you are a young h**** girl who wants to get f***** by a h**** hot teacher get in touch with me...i know young girls are so h**** ......its like they want to be f***** by a hot teacher....


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  • Too old once they are in college , schoolgirl p**** is best

  • I really turned on by older dudes. Candi

  • Hi Candi, older dude here who knows how to use his fingers, tongue and c*** to drive you wild! How old are you?

  • Oh really nice. I am 15

  • Cool, describe yourself. Why do you like older guys?

  • Make sure these little girls get what they want i love young little girls but u need to be very careful i knocked one up and was very lucky she blamed bf

  • This is so bullshit.

    If you were a teacher like this, then you would probably have gotten complained about this as you seem to spend most of your time staring at your 'students' genitals.

    Also, no self-respecting adult would use 't******' in a sentence, nor would a real teacher use lowercase 'I's when you are supposed to use a capitol.

    Most likely this is some h**** 16 year old boy who has never had s** in his life and is desperate for nudes from under-age girls.

    The fact that he says
    "I mean, i respect women" this is the point where he realises that he sounds so objectifying that he sounds as if he is less than 17 years old.

    I hate it when young h**** boys try to pretend to be 'big grown ups' and post stuff like this.

    Go and get some self-respect.

  • Respect goes to you for a well composed reply.

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