Good s**

Fat chicks suck at riding d***...if u have a hard time lifting ur own weight......not to mention the guy feels crushed....

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  • Fat chicks ok but be carful whear u put ur hands a*** all the time greasy and s*****

  • Tthat's part of what I love about the heavy girls. they are dirty and they know it and they love to share it. i always love getting with them.

  • Fat chicks can be good at a***

  • Al iv got against fat chicks is their a**** never clean just check their nickers always skid marks

  • I love fat soft sweaty chicks

  • I'm a fat s***, 42gg t***, anyone interested?

  • Yes darling. I am very very VERY interested. You can't imagine how interested I am. Or how badly I want you. Every single part of you. Damn! You sound so m************ hot!!!

  • No u greasy porker

  • Ur a dude

  • I love f****** fat chicks. My gf is fat. P**** feels great.

  • I love fat chicks great a****

  • Do you feel better,for divulging your confession?

  • Nope the bar is very low.........

  • S** is like fractions, it's improper for the larger one to be on top.

  • You're right, fat girls aren't good to have on top. But, because they've generally got no self respect or confidence and poor self esteem, you can pretty much do what you want with them. When I was s******* my 30-something fat and unattractive neighbor a few times a month, I could call her the foulest names during s** and she wouldn't object. Also, she'd let me use her as a walking toilet and let me p*** in her v***** so I wouldn't need to get out of bed

  • Peanut butter (non-crunchy) all over your d***, then have the fatty give you the b****** of your life.

  • Nothing compairs to doggy style wit fat chic pounding and watching her big ass oh

  • Never put a fat chick on top but i love a... With a fat chick

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