S** with his best friend

It was my bf birthday and it was just me, his BFF and him. My bf went out to buy his cake and left me with his BFF. I went to get a glass of water and I cane back and he was just sitting there. So I bent over to pick up the remote and he slapped my ass. I laughed and he started squeezing it and rubbing his hands around my ass. He turned me around and started rubbing his fingers into my p****. I moaned of pleasure and seconds later we were f****** hard and rough. I was screaming and he was grunting. Then my bf cane back and caught him ducking my t****** with his hand on my ass and his d*** in my p****. My bf smashed his cake and left but I dragged him back and we had a three some. There was c** and juice everywhere. Best f*** ever

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  • I was wearing a see through crop top and butt shorts

  • Good girl, what were u wearing?

  • I was wearing a see through crop top and butt shorts

  • What a good girlfriend! :)

  • You sound like a good little girl

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