Ex-girlfriend sends me d*** pics for humiliation

My ex broke up with me about 3 weeks ago pretty much during s**. I'm really only good in missionary position because of my size (4 inches hard). The last night she really wanted doggy but I kept falling out every few seconds. She got mad, yelled insults for about 5 mins and the left.

Now everyday since she sends me a pic of a c*** with a measuring tape next to it, and they're real photos as I recognise her hands. She hasn't f***** anyone smaller than 7 inches. And one night the pic had 2 d**** in it! Sometimes she sends extra pics like her sucking the c**** or whilst getting f*****.

She came round last night and told me to f*** her, I couldn't believe my luck! I got on top and put my d*** in and felt nothing, she just wanted me to feel how stretched she was. She literally touched my d*** and I came. She laughed and left and continues to send me photos which I kind of find a turn on now!

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  • Maybe youl grow

  • Let's hope!

  • In the horse stables they keep a small little stallion to let them know if mare is in heat without exciting the real stallion hes called a teaser thats your job

  • If it means f****** then happy days, no?

  • Could she feel you in her ass

  • Yup, not enough to hurt her loads, but enough to do it most nights with a d**** in her p**** for DP

  • You should try suck d*** atleast you might be ok at that

  • My ex said if I have a threesome with her and a guy we can have a threesome with a black girl to feel another big p****. I know she wants me to suck a c*** for her, maybe I should to get the MFF threesome?

  • Stay with the oral dont humiliate yourself by showing a girl 4ins

  • I'm starting to like the humiliation now, took s girl gone last night, took it out, she laughed and I came within a minute of s**. She made meat her out until she came, she said my oral was better than a big d*** so was worth me having a smaller c*** lol

  • Her stretched p**** u are microscopic

  • I shouldn't be turned on by the insults!

  • Put that s*** that she sends u of her on the Internet

  • I'm thinking of starting a blog on tumblr but waiting to see what else happens.

  • It's the width that makes most difference however she could have a unusually lose p**** too

  • 4 inches long, not very wide lol before was ok but now she has been stretched.

  • Couldnt be much fun for her 4inch and you come with first toucth she wil not be back

  • I don't always c** so quick, I can usually last at least 10 mins which is just enough time to get her off usually. Just so h**** to feel (or not feel) her stretched p**** that I couldn't hold back!

  • Keep away from girls you try something else

  • She suggested a threesome where I suck a big d***! No thanks!

  • She needed to move on

  • But she's still coming back...

  • That lady deserves some happiness

  • She's getting f***** every night so I'm guessing she's happy. Still wants to meet up with me though.

  • Your girl was very patient to put up with it so long

  • 2 years together, so what it's not huge, she still came often. Did lots of a*** too

  • 4 in thats bad man

  • It might be smaller than average but it's still jizzed all over her face

  • 4ins com on hahaha

  • It can still make some girls c**

  • If you are only 4 ins you should give up on girls they will laugh at you im sorry

  • A girl laughed at my d*** last week but loved sucking it and I ate her out till she came. I'm seeing her again tomorrow!

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