I got caught topless

My husband and I went to Mexico for a one week trip, We were at the beach on our last full day and I decided that I was going to do like quite a few other girls had been doing on the beach since we got there, My husband went to get some drinks and I was going to surprise him, I leaned forward, Took off my top and sat back, I'm not too embarrassed about my b**** but wouldn't normally let anyone see them since they aren't what they once were if you get my drift after having two kids.
I was sitting in my chair giggling to myself about how wild I was being and didn't notice the group walking up to me from my right side, I had my head turned the other way watching a beach volleyball game which was to my left and suddenly someone said "Jenny?", I'd had a few drinks and there was two guys my husband works with that I know and their wives and two other guys I didn't know and their wives, I kind of froze but didn't want to panic, I looked for my husband and he was no where to be found, I stood up, Pulled on my beach coverup which did very little but at least it was something, I introduced myself to the couples I didn't know and everyone was very awkward for a few minutes before excusing themselves, I watched them walk away and watched as they met up with my husband on his way back with drinks.
They stopped and talked for a few seconds and then he came up to me, I had my top back on but told him what happened and I think he laughed for an hour straight.
Pretty embarrassing, Hopefully I don't have to see any of them any time soon.

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  • Too funny..I was at a topless-approved beach with my hot older sister, who's a teacher. The textbook "hot teacher", desired by the boys all the time. It was mid-Summer, and she was nowhere near in back to school soon mode, so, as is comfy with me anyway, decided to peel her bikini top off. Had no problem with other men, strangers, etc, eyeing her up, trying to chat with her, etc, but..

    We're laying on our towel, next to each other, and see a shadow up above her. Was three of her male students from the previous year, phones in hand, and firing off quick shots of her topless body. She did talk to them, as herself, not teacher form, and only asked them to not share what they'd taken. She also told me "I'm not embarrassed, but..May have opened myself up to a little game playing or blackmail when we go back to school..I mean, they DO have my half naked body on their phones!", in joking but not really.

    I know they did bring it up to her early on, to get out of things like forced volunteer duty at plays and the like, but, don't know or think they ever used the pics or extracted any favors from her, other than a few extended hugs and lip kisses at football games.

  • Let them go and hav a s****

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