So i went to my sons school yesterday to go to the parent teacher conference. id never been to one and my wife had been busting my b**** so i went by myself. i walked up to the doors of my sons school and tried to open them. locked. i tried a different entrance. locked. the only door open was a small one that lead to the janitors closet. i stepped through the dirty hallway, walked toward a hall and found myself hearing loud noises coming from the gymnasium. i walked up to the gym and opened the door, to find my sons teacher, Mrs. Johnson, taking it in the ass and v***** from four different men. every angle of the room had different teachers doing different s** acts. two men were f****** while suspended to the basketball net. no idea how. i did the first thing any good adult Christian parent would do. i stripped off my clothes and covered myself in c**- quite the conference.

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