Friends son seen my b***

Last night my best friends son stayed over at our house, He is a few years older than my kids at 14 but is a good kid and fell asleep downstairs watching a movie with the other kids and I told my friend to just leave him and I would send him home the next day as it is only a few blocks away.
I went to bed late after drinking too much wine and put on my favorite, most comfy, stretched out, worn through night shirt, The elastic is all stretched out around the neck and when I woke up my husband was snuggled up behind me with my top pulled down and he was cupping one of my b****, I never really have been happy with my b**** and since having kids they are empty, saggy and I think they are ugly and I don't usually let my husband see them unless he sneaks into the shower with me or opens the door while I'm changing, I don't hide them from him I just am a bit embarrassed of them, I was laying on my right side and he was cupping my right b*** while my left one just hung there all saggy and ugly.
I opened my eyes and there was my best friends son standing beside the bed staring at my b****, I quickly fixed my shirt and my husband just rolled over, I jumped out of bed and he asked me for a glass of water, I simply said "yeah of course" and took him to the kitchen and got him a drink, I checked the time and felt it was too early to send him home so I offered to make him some breakfast, He declined and said he was going to go back downstairs and go to bed.
Good lord, how embarrassing, I told my friend and she just laughed saying "Oops, oh well it happens", I hope I didn't permanently damage the poor kid (obviously a joke) but so embarrassing.

Aug 20, 2016

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  • You have a problem your b****** are beautiful next time let him c ur p****

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