i messed up...big time

so a guy i havent talked to in a while, so i sent him an annoymous message and asked my friend to starts messageing him, it started to be like a game and he was asking who i was, so we kept giving hints, he eventually got p***** and blocked her....now i dont think i can tell him who i am cuz hes gonna be piiiiiiiiiiissed...but it was fun lol i enjoyed that game even though it like ruined EVERYHTING

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  • hmm wow now you're just acting stupid...like before i was p***** at the fact that you were a b****...now i just feel bad cuz ur dumb stupid, like really the fact that you just laughed at that for like 6 hours and mad retarted...and i'm the one who needs an education??


    Thanks for that, lol, I needed it! LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  • and by the way, lol is incorrect grammar, and the fact that you used a #2 instead of spelling two, is incorrect, you spelled texting wrong, and if LOL is one sentence you need a period...if not then the t in the is incorrect wut now u grimmy ass b****

  • do not f****** call me little one, for the last time don't f****** tell me what to do, and relationship whys, i've prolly had more boyfriends and hotter ones then you, i read 3, 350 page f****** books in a day, i'm sorry your a f****** b****, but u can go suck a c*** alright cuz thats wut imma do k?

  • ^LOL The second one was not me. You now have 2 people telling you the same thing, little one. You are f****** hilarious! You have proved everyone's point. . .that you are young, and too immature for any type of relationship. Get off the computer, stop "txtng" and read a book! It will do wonders for your vocabulary, spelling and grammar! Have a nice day!

  • btw ur a f***** b**** nd i hope u dy becuz no1 likes u...iz that proper enough?

  • i am on the f****** computer i will speak how i want, if im writing something important then i will speak correctly, but if im posting a comment on a site or iming someone i'm not going to speak correctly, i am so f****** sorry ur ass got way to f****** old before i did and i wasn't making a point u were. i'm sorry i don't f****** do spell check every five seconds, i do act and speak like an intellegent person and i f****** hate it, i'm on a f****** annoymous confession site, i can act and speak how i really do, which is like a 14 year old it is f****** b****** like you that make me sick and wanna f****** kill people, but i dont becuz i would get on trouble ur a f****** b**** and im pretty sure everyone wud appriciate u dead

    and yea b**** i know how many f****** things i spelled wrong AND ITS ALL FOR U

    i dont give a s*** how old im f****** acting, or how im speaking, u grow up in my house u'll be like this to alright b****

  • You need an education, not an 'eduactaion.' You didn't prove your point at all, you dumb b****. You DO need to grow the f*** up and get over yourself. Learning to f****** SPELL is a good place to start. It's trash like you that make the world a disgusting place to live in. Now I'm going to correct what you wrote, and if your reply had looked something like this I would have left you alone.

    "Your point is that I'm 14? Really, I have a f****** education. I get As. My f****** computer shut down before I told him who I was; that's why I texted my friend. You f****** b****, do not question my education."

    You'll learn that if you write and speak like an intelligent human being, people take you much more seriously. If you act like an illiterate child, however, people will treat you that way. I wish I could wipe all of the ignorant filth like you off of this planet and make the world a better place.

  • thats y it was f****** annoymous, it was on aim, and dont f****** tell me i need an education

  • ur point is im 14?? really i have a f****** eduactaion i get a's my f****** comp shut down b4 i told him who i was thats y i texted my friend u f****** b**** do not question my education

  • ^My point! Grow the f*** up. . .stop thinking about boys, and get an education. It is quite clear you need one, hun.

  • dude im 14...get over urself b****

  • Grow up honey! No guys like games

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