wifes sister asked me for a f***

My wifes sister Deb was in the middle of a nasty divorce and moved in with us for a few months. She's not a great looking woman. I was up early watching tv on a Saturday morning. Deb was a morning person, she came out of the bedroom wearing only a long over sized t shirt. Her t*** were huge and saggy right to the bottom of her stomach, flat looking with her nipples protruding. She sat across from me making small talk. I looked at her and the t shirt was above her waist, her hairy p**** in full view. I didn't say anything but having a look at her furry p**** was making me hard. I liked Deb, she was a cool girl same age as me. She saw me looking at her p****, you like looking at my p**** she asked. Why are you showing it to me I shot back, want to f*** me she asked. Oh s*** I wanted to she was getting me h****. I said I'd love to f*** you Deb but you should ask your sister if she'd let us. Deb became silent, kind of let down the way I read it from her. You know she's not going to let you she said. I said ask her, her family was fairly sexual, my wife was a big w**** growing up so was Deb, they even shared a guy, not together but some guy way back was f****** both of them and they didn't care they just wanted to f*** a lot. Those girls loved getting laid since they were young teens. Now at 35 she's still c*** hungry and now not getting laid. She told my wife the story of that morning. She told my wife she flat out asked me to f*** her and what I said. My wife confronted me later that day saying Deb said you'd love to f*** her if I said it was ok. I said wait she asked me to f*** her, I could not do that to you, not behind your back and she'd have to ask you. My wife said you can f*** her, she wants to get laid, just don't tell anyone my wife said and she thanked me for not f****** her sister without her knowing. Late that afternoon when we all knew my wife said she was going out for a few hours so we could enjoy ourselves. Do anything you want she said before she went out the door. We went to my bedroom and had a full blown sexual encounter of kissing f****** and sucking. When my wife came home she asked us did you guys get laid, yea I said we had a good time, her sis shaking her head in a yes motion with a big smile. My wife took me to our bedroom and made me eat her p**** saying that me f****** her sister made her really h****. My wife let us f*** a few more times, my wife said I don't know why you f****** my sister turns me on knowing you 2 were f******, Deb didn't want her sis to know everytime she got laid with me thinking she was going to cause marriage problems and asked me to f*** her so that my wife didn't know about, I turned her down. I really had enough of f****** her, my wife was a damn good f*** and was younger and better looking. The thrill of f****** Deb was over, it became a chore satisfying this overly h**** woman. Then guess what, my wife asked me if she could f*** some other guy that she had a sexual thing for. I told her no, he's not in the family and she f***** him anyway trying to get away with it behind my back. She lied to me about what she was doing that day and I knew it. I knew she was going to meet up with him and told her she was lieing. I said I know your going to f*** that guy right, she didn't answer me she got in her car and left, that p***** me off bad. She came home several hours later, I asked so was he a good f***, she was crying begging me to forgive her saying the guy was a jerkoff and swore she's never doing it again, all he wanted to do was f*** her ass, (she don't even let me do that) he treated her like s*** complaining about it. I hugged her and gave her a pass because she let me f*** her sister several times, but it was for her sisters needs not mine, she just got me h**** showing her p**** to me, of course I wanted to f*** that big hairy p****, but I didn't ask for it. I'm never going to f*** your sister again I said, I knew this was going to bring us problems. My wife agreed and we vowed to only have s** together, not with anyone else ever again. In the end my wife and I are closer than we ever were, I wouldn't never f*** anyone else, my wife is a great f*** and sucks d*** better then anyone ever has. I don't want to lose my wife over s** and we have s** sometimes twice a day now. We make it exciting f****** in our back yard, we f***** in our neighbors yard. We f***** in parking lots, the park, in the woods and on the lake beach. If we find a place we think is cool we'll go back and f*** there too. My wife is a total w**** for me and has more passion for me than ever before, and it was good before her sister came along. Thankfully she moved out, she knows my wife lied and cheated, she told me she feels bad, I told her we're never f****** again so don't ask me.

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  • A man wrote this

  • Really no s***. The story kept saying my wife and my d*** what gave you the odea a guy wrote it

  • Quite an adventure but glad it all turned out.

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