I had s** at work

Yesterday at work was a slow day, My boss had asked me to go out to the warehouse and take inventory on a couple different items we were having discrepancies on supply amounts, I went out and started and was about halfway through when one of the guys I work with came in, I think I am a good looking girl with a decent body and there are two guys at work who constantly hit on me every chance they get, the guy who came in isn't one of them but me and him have always had a slightly flirty relationship, We smile back and forth and make the odd joke but I don't see him everyday either so it is more of just a playful thing.
He came around the corner and scared me, I jumped and he dropped the box he was carrying, We laughed about it and started talking, He asked if I needed any help and said he had a slow day going as well, I said "sure" and when we finished counting we went up to the lunch room and started going through the numbers to find out where the mix up was, Sitting and talking to him as we went through the books I started looking at him and he has always been a decent looking guy even though he is about ten years older than me and maybe its just because I haven't been with anyone in a few months but I began thinking bad thoughts.
After about fifteen minutes one of the other guys called him on the radio asking for help and he told him to grab the other guy to help him, He looked at me and said "that should keep those two meatheads busy for a half hour or so", I decided to go for it and kissed him, He pulled back a bit but before I knew it we were making out, I stood in front f him and then knelt down, I undid his pants and he lifted his hips as I pulled them down, I was pleasantly surprised to find he is fairly big, I started sucking him and he kept putting up a bit of a fight and saying 'I shouldn't, We should stop" and so on but I kept going, I wriggled out of my top and pulled it to my waist, He took off my bra and I stood up letting it fall to the floor, He stood up and pushed me back on the table, I pulled my skirt up and he bent over licking me, He stood up and shoved his c*** in me and it felt SOOOOOO GOOOOOD, We had s** on the table like that for a few minutes and then he stood me up, Spun me around and bent me over, I was in heaven as he shoved it back in me from behind, He had one hand groping my b****, his c*** in me and he was rubbing my butt hole with his other thumb, I started bucking my hips and moaned as I came, He leaned over and whispered in my ear "Do you want to swallow", I said "No, come inside, its ok", He stood up on his tippy toes and shoved it deep inside me and I could feel him come, He stayed in me from behind and slowly stroked in and out as he jerked his hips a few times shoving it back in me, He leaned over kissing my shoulders and back as I laid over the table enjoying my o*****.
He slowly pulled out of me and pulled his pants up, I fixed my skirt and top and looked at him, He looked almost upset and that's when I remembered (S***...HE'S FRICKIN MARRIED", I quickly started assuring him he didn't need to worry about me saying anything and he stood there looking upset, He told me it was the first time he ever cheated, I apologized and we talked for a few more minutes before my boss came into the warehouse, We quickly went back to the books and when he came upstairs I showed him what we had come up with.
While he stood leaning across the table I looked down and realized I didn't have my bra on and I could see right down my shirt so I am sure he could too, He told me to bring it to his office and stood up, I quickly looked around for my bra but couldn't find it, I had to spend the rest of the day with no bra on, luckily my b**** aren't big but do jiggle and it was obvious everyone noticed since I caught all the guys looking at least a few times and they kept coming up with reasons to come talk to me.
I snuck out a bit early but one of the guys was in the warehouse so I just went home, Found my bra about two hours ago under the desk.
I need to talk to him and make sure he is ok, I'll never say anything and hope he is ok.


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  • I have that dream too.

  • A man wrote this

  • What gives you that impression? I'm not so sure. When men wrire, they have to measure and quantify. The author does mention that he has a rather large, ahem, inventory (in his pants! Ba-da-bam!), but like a female writer, writes about sensation, feeling, emotions. I'm not saying it's a true story, or that I'm Mr. Always Correct, but I tip my hat to the writer. The girl is seductive, naughty but kinda sweet and tender too. Sounds like a good time. Wish my coworkers were so bold.

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