Is this rape?

My boyfriend (14) and I (13) had been dating for about two years when he broke up with my over the phone by telling me he hadn't loved me for months about a week ago. Some other things were said, but that isn't important to the story at the moment. To begin with he wasn't the best boyfriend, he forgot my birthday, spent Valentine's day with his friends, and rarely ever texted or called me. He got angry very often with his parents and would spit and break things. He had problems and I understood that so I was used to his behavior. I thought I loved him, that's why I stayed with him for so long. During our relationship, one time him and I were walking to the river behind my house when we sat down on a log. We started kissing and he put his hands down my pants. He wanted to finger me but I said no. He continued to say "Please, it's fine, it's fine." He kept trying and I sunk to my knees and closed my legs. He put me on his lap and he did it anyways. He broke my hymen and it was horrible. I didn't want it, and I did not enjoy it. This continued and he would always ask to finger me and I was never comfortable with it but he did it anyways. He would always say sorry and say he would never do it again and he always would. One time when he kept begging me if even asked "Is this rape, am I raping you?" I never thought anything of it because we had been together for so long so I thought it was normal. I thought I was the problem. I recently told my friend about this and she says it is rape or at least assault/abuse. Looking back on it, I feel dirty and guilty. Please, is this rape? What should I do?

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  • Yes, It's rape!! Your ex knows it is as well!! Report it to the police and inform your parents

  • Yes depending on your states laws, it will depend on the level or degree that it's charged. Felony or agrivated misdemeanor. Hope this is a real post. Hate wasting my time.

  • If u are a lawyer kill ur self no one cares about u

  • Did u come

  • Grow up guys do this all the time enjoy

  • A man wrote this

  • What you should so is forget this total loser, move on with your life, and you'll soon find someone kind and decent.

  • Ye were kissing and he got h**** and you would do nothing to cool him off are u frigid dmt know why he stays

  • Here's where I ask how you would like someone to come up and cram a finger up your back hole, but that's probably how you get your jollies, so let's just say you know nothing, so you can get over your ridiculous notions and join the human race.

  • Do nothing this was just a bit of horseplay if you gave him some action he wouldnt act this way grow up

  • Ass wipe!!

  • Report him to the police. People like him don't deserve the right to live and no one deserves to be violated like he did to you.

  • It's sexual assault.It's not rape,as he didn't penetrate your v*****,with his p****.But he did sexually violate you.It's definitely sexual assault/grievance bodily harm,as you didn't give him consent the first time and he took your virginity e.g breaking your hymen with his finger.
    When he asked you,if he was raping you,that question implied that he knew what he did and does to you,is wrong.He's saying it you,yo get reassurance and confirmation,if your answer is "no".He knows he's violated you.But because you haven't told him or indicated otherwise,he feels safe knowing,what he did to you,won't go any further.

    He appears manipulative,destructive and out of control.If he loved and cared for you,he wouldn't have violated you.
    He would've stopped,when you said"no".If you don't report him,he could do this to other girls and his actions could escalate to "rape" if he isn't punished for his behaviour.He needs to be aware,that there are repercussions,for unlawful behaviour.

    Report him to the police,this is a serious matter.Tell your parents and don't let that boy manipulate you,into thinking it was your fault or that no one would believe you,because they would.

  • ^Exactly. Rape and Sexual assault happen can happen at anytime, even if you've been dating for years or married. Hopefully, that will never happen to you, but it does happen. No means No. It's your body, and your boyfriend took advantage of you. How many other girls has he done this to? or will ..because somehow he thinks it's okay? I agree, with this comment above, his actions could very easily escalate. Report him.

  • A man made this s*** up

  • ^ You're a douche.

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