My ass for weed

I let my friend f*** my ass for an ounce of weed, I only had $35 bucks, I gave him the money and then he started to convince me to do a***, after a while I agreed, but he wanted to hit it raw, I was conflicted. But f*** it, so he made me get on my knees with my pants around my ankles, he pushed me down so I was chest flat on the couch. He left the room and came back with lotion. He unpants and lotioned up his 5 inch and half d***, he took off his socks and got behind me, spread my cheeks, inserted the head only and went slow. He started to go ball deeps like right away and kept a good pace for 5 minutes, the inside of my ass felt painfully nice and I nutted so fat between my legs, I told him "are you done?". He said "not f****** yet", my ass was killing me, few minutes later, he nutted so fat, and just stayed inside for like a minute, he finally took his d*** out, and started to get dressed, and said he had to leave, and kicked me out his house with the an ounce of weed. I walked home with a grocery bag full of weed and an sweaty ass full of c**. The next day, my a****** was tingling, i got super high and jacked off thinking about him plowing my ass that day, but now I think I am bisexual.

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  • Thats h****, love getting f*****, stoned and c***, lol.

  • It sound like u gay

  • Strawberry boy.

  • Of course ur bi and alsn a rent boy

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