I'm quite in a mood tonight and so I'm listening to Skrillex and typing...who knows what I'll say put this is the only way I know i how to express myself.
Hope your day was well, and if not well, better than mine. For the last 2 days I have been too depressed to get out of bed. I really have no idea why, but it happens. I get in these half awake sleeps where I'm kinda aware of my dreams and in control. I love those times because it's much better than real life and way better than anything on TV. To be honest I don't watch that much TV. I can't stand it. I spent most of my adult life helping putting some of that garbage on air or in your multiplex. I remember the stress on what is I didn't get it done right away or perfectly, OH NO! What's going to happen? Not a Damn Thing! What I did wasn't life threatening, nobody wasn't going to die. And who cares in the long run?
Forget the news! It's rubbish. I was young and thought informing the public about the wrongs that were going on in the community would open eyes, Nope! All they want to put on air was happy kitten stories. Real Crud.
Now I don/t know what makes me happy anymore. I wish I had a clue so I could at least try to get some. Now you lot should go to bed instead of reading the ramblings of a mad man. Good Night my darlings and don't forget to brush your teeth and drink bleach.

Aug 23, 2016

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  • Good grief, get out of bed, quit whining, and get to work. No special snowflake are you. What do you want, an award? Step out of your head and your self-obsessed thoughts, like 3 feet above your head. What do you see? Just another chump. Now go make the world a better place... just like me.

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