Risky s**

I can not stop having risky s**. I love the feeling of having a guy's bare clock in me. I am not on birth control but still want to feel a guy c** inside me. I love the look in guy's eyes and the smile he gets when I say he doesn't have to wear a condom...

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  • Risky s** is f****** awesome, especially with girls like you! If and when you do get pregnant, make sure you tell the daddy he doesn't need worry about it. Remember it's your responsibility, not his. You should have his baby and if you can't handle it on your own, adoption is the perfect option. Good f****** girl!

  • Dear god its your f****** son how can you say it's not your responsibility really wtf

  • I tell the guy. But I never ask for anything. Yes I keep my baby. Burt I still would want to finish school

  • Oh yes, that glare, the grunts guy give when they are c** inside me, that is proper hot and tips me over the edge everytime, i like to pretend i forgot their name and ask em as they pull their d*** outa me n their c** runs out haha xx

  • Its cool 2 hav kids guys wil stil want to f*** u

  • One of the kids belong to my sisters husband

  • I had s** with my friends dad

  • I aint had one yet.. candi

  • I would love to get you pregnant candi

  • Promises,promises....Candi

  • We can make it happen. I've knocked up two girls after one nighters.

  • Condoms are s*** we lov to feel wet hot slippy p****

  • Dont ever mak a guy wear a condom they are awful let him pump n2 ur p**** enjoy

  • Hot spirm shooting o lovely

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