Weird incest story

Most incest stories you read online are fantasies and outright lies but it does happen with devastating consequences.

I have a friend who is a girl. She was adopted by my next door neighbor. She was a mediocre student with health problems but overall she looked normal. After she grew up she decided to look her birth parents up and after a great deal of difficulty, she discovered that her birth parents were brother and sister.

By the time she made this discovery she had been married and was the mother of two children a boy and a girl.

LIke I said the girls health problems were many and they included a weak immune system which left her more vulnerable to disease than the average person. Her children had the same problems.

She decided to do something drastic and what she did was this. She turned her birth parents into the police.

The girl in my story was required to take a DNA test and after that was done it became apparent that she was indeed the product of brother-sister incest.

Both birth parents did time in prison.

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  • I do not see any thing wrong if both ppl wher over 18

  • Hahaha! Damn straight!

  • Damn lol

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