I know better, you stuck up b****

So im male 53 years of age and for last month or so i have been seeing this newly divorced woman, 48 with three daughters, all grown up, left school and mostly working, the oldest....well the oldest is the least happyest with my presents, she is 25 and a right gobby stuck up cow, she has a boyfriend but that just makes it so much more better, you see, about 5 or 6 years ago i was single and new to online chats rooms and such, i i spoke and exchanged pictures with with her many many times on the old msn, she obviously doents reconise me but i reckonise her, i remember all the dirty stories she told me about her sleeping with other guys behind her boyfriends back, (the same one she is still with) and i still have on my laptop all the origanal photos she sent me off her, normal face photos, and others, i still have photos of her t***, her p**** and even her dressing in stockings and heels, the dirty b**** even sent me some of her getting f***** in a pair f*** me boots she still owns, the best pic of all, is her pretty face covered in obviously more than one mans s****,
now this stuck up b**** gives me attitude and doesnt like that her mother has moved on, she calls it cheating on her father and calls her mother a s*** but i know she is the real s***, i havent confronted her as of yet, as most the pictures still have the date and time on them, and i know if i threaten showing them to her boyfriend she would get off my case, truth is though, i would rather finally f*** that stuck up b****, hard, rough and raw! cover her slutty face with my sticky seman

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  • You should f****** all of them.. get some other BBC friends or relatives and gangland them.. get them all black pregnant that's what you should do

  • FAKE

  • You so want to f*** her, f*** mother and then f*** daughter, make the other taste thenselves on your d***

  • I have

  • Put mustard on her vibrator the hot b****

  • Haha good one i like that

  • Get some thous pic on your fone n get some copys, wait for tour moment and when she steps outa line show her and remind her of who u r, then remind her how she can keep you quiet

  • Yes i know how id like to shut her up, with my c*** in her mouth, i tell you, if i ever do get my c*** in her gob i am going to f******* her hard

  • Play it cool ul get her little mouth where u want it

  • Wrapped around my c***

  • This you know what u should do mate? blackmail the b**** and get you d*** in her ass! teach her some respect

  • I know she will take it up the a***, shes told me she has before, and i would f*** her a*** hard

  • Tell her u show photos to mammy if she dont obey u the two othr little girls may also b good for s**

  • Not too keen on the other two, they are all if legal age just the oldest the gobby b****, i want to make her obey me!

  • U need good diet and v***** and f*** all 4

  • Well so far its 2 our of 4, now i think id love to have a go on the other two

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