My gran is basically begging me for s** n we flirt n lyk 2 tease

I'm 29 male n when I go to my grans house she always flirts with me so bad n talks about s** n always giving dirty comments n stuff. She's 75 n she says she's still as sexually active as she was at 18 year old. She does really weird things n I reckon she wants me to get it on with her. I go round for a cup of tea and she's in a big dressing gown then she leaves the room n comes in wearing a pretty short nighty n I think hmm really? ? N she will brush past me rubbing her ass against me or sit in her nighty n she sits there watchin tv n I see her opening her legs slowly till there pretty open n revealing her knickers. She even turns to the side slowly so I get a better view. At first I stopped goin round I felt uncomfortable but then after a few times I kinda got intrigued to see wot she would do next n how far she wud go.once we were talking about s** n things n She said "aww I gota go get a change of pants thesee ones are wet now" I didn't know wot to do, n it kinda turned me on n I realised I was starting to get into this. Anyways we flirt like crazy now n turn each other on like mad n tease each other n see who does it the best. Weird I know but its harmless really isn't it I'm helping her out she's so desperate for it I feel like I'm doing a good deed. The most involved we've been is I had my hand down my pants slowly playing with my c*** n she had her hand down hers playing which ended up with her knickers off n legs spread really getting into it but I stopped cos it can't go any further can it. I don't want to f*** my own gran it's weird as f*** but I'm happy carrying on for now n giving her a Lil bit of pleasure in her life. . Anyone else been in similar situation or anything? I didn't even think old people had a s** drive or got h**** . Never mind have s**

Aug 27, 2016

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  • Just get drunk and f*** her. See how many fists you can fit in her

  • I'm 77 (female) and still love s** honey. Not all of us have lost it. You need to check granny out and help her. She would appreciate it and you might be surprised as to how good she is. I know I am good.

  • Me too. I'm 79 and my grandson says I'm tighter and better than his wife. He never gets oral at home, but I make sure he does whenever he visits me! Believe me, most grandmothers would more than satisfy any young man. I know two who are selling it to suppliment their pensions. They're in their 70s and have regular customers who are in their late teens or early 20s.

  • Do u tak it up the s******

  • I would love to f*** you by the things you say. I'm 30, male and love older women.

  • Its ok but shel want lots foreplay ul need to giv her lots of head to get her wet

  • Ur por gran is confused tel her u got her a lolipop take out ur p**** put honey on it and let her suck

  • U must hav no respect for ur flute id rather a f**** q****

  • No dont go there she would s*** n bed

  • Dont s**** ur gran she would b very fishy and fart when ud b riding her mayb hav a bj wit her u could finger her but wear a glov

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